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Microplastics have already been found in marine sodium. But wait, the way pieces of plastic type materials are spread during the most commonly used seasoning is unclear. Now, new research demonstrates microplastics in 90% of the table sodium brands tested worldwide. According to an alternative analysis conducted by researchers from Columbia and Greenpeace in eastern Japan, thirty-six microplastics out of 39 controlled sodium brands were 3 brands discuss examined. Based on previous sodium reports, these new efforts are the first step in their reflection on the physical propagation of microplastics in kitchen table sodium, as well as their correlation with the location of type materials. plastic pollutants for the environment. "The results claim that human absorption of microplastics by marine objects 3piece.org brands is strongly related to pollution levels in a given area," said Seung-Kyu Kim, a mentor of marine science disciplines at the university or college of Incheon Nationwide University. Samples of sea salt from 21 European countries, north and south, were analyzed. The three brands that do not include microplastics come from Taiwan improved sodium, China improved sodium and Portugal unrefined sodium produced by solar evaporation. The study was printed this month in the journal Environment Scientific disciplines & Engineering. The density of microplastics present in sodium differs dramatically from one brand to another, but that of hard anodized cookware brands is particularly high, according to the analysis. The best amount of microplastics was found in sodium purchased in Indonesia. Japan can be a good place to pollute the environment with plastic-type materials, and Indonesia - with 24,000 ml 54 km of coastline - is positioning Microplastics found in itself in an unrelated search of 2015 as a second poorer amount of plastic type of material polluting the environment on the Earth.

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